lördag 4 juni 2011

Pain Is Love 2 download (Ja Rule new album)

The entire long awaited album provided by Ja Rule, titled Pain Is Love 2 happen to be released online and in its entirety. Initially emerged on Mediafire, right after that spread to torrents as well as Zippy, Rapidshare, and different download blogs.We got the Pain Is Love 2 download links right below!

The album is not due for release for a while. After the leak, the label will most likely make the choice to switch it into an public album stream. Thus far their continues to be not any response to the leak of Pain Is Love 2.

Enjoy the

Download 159 MB

Before you download the album, I nevertheless won't be able to figure out if perhaps Pain Is Love 2 is actually worth paying for and skip this Mediafire download. Although whatever. I will pass on that decision to you actually.

Artist Ja Rule
Album Pain Is Love 2 (Full album in MP3 files)
Format- mp3s
Date 2011-6-1
MP3 Ripped from:
Quality 320kbps
File size: 159 MB